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by Lumini

Micro Bauhaus Table


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The Micro Bauhaus Table is one of the most extraordinary pieces of the Bauhaus series. It is clear what you expect from a design that pays homage to the Bauhaus. It is combining art with design at the highest point of aesthetics. Micro Bauhaus Table challenges the most aesthetic possibilities of lighting. You can use it in your home or workplace thanks to its ease of use and light construction material. Although it is the most eye-catching spot on the table in your room, it does its job without making you feel it with its thin structure and elegant appearance. Micro Bauhaus Table was designed to make life easier in difficult conditions. That's why you can find a piece of fine craftsmanship and accompanying aesthetic sensitivity in these designs. A design technology that pushes it further to be worthy of Bauhaus always keeps you dynamic and bold in life. It works nonstop for you until it becomes a meaningful part of your life.

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led 12,0 w
2.700 K
230 V

Expected delivery 3-5 working days.
Out of stock 4-6 weeks.

Energy class:
a++ bis/to ,a+

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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