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by Kaissu

Bed Ehe Natur


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The naturalness of solid oak is the most important material for a bed. The warmth of wood has a composition that warms the whole house and makes it happy. There is warmth and human love like wood. The way of perception of wood has changed in the story of a man with civilization. Craftsmanship, combined with the possibilities of wood, has always been an irreplaceable part of your home. When designs that value life, protect nature, and think of you with the power they get from nature, come together with the high-level thinking principles of European architecture, incredibly stylish designs have emerged. It is not just an ordinary bed, it has become a confidant sleeping companion that speaks to you. The most important touch in planning your life is furniture. If you want the furniture not to fill the houses, to make room for you, and to be filled with your beautiful memories, you need to make logical decisions and choose the most natural one with the best design. Bed Ehe is always with you in your rational and emotional decisions.

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Weight Limit: 250 kg
167x67x4cm 14kg (Head board)
208x41x7cm 20 kg (Bed Frame)
84x33x11cm 17 kg (Slats, Legs, Fasteners)

8 to 10 weeks

The frame is made of 19 mm solid oak;
The headboard is made of birch plywood and covered with velvet sleeves (polyester, Martindale 45000); not upholstered.
The fabric is easily removable for cleaning; slipcovers should be professionally dry cleaned.
Oil finish.
Black metal legs, H 20 cm.
The height of the bed frame from the floor is 29 cm.
The height of the headboard from the floor is 82 cm.
The sleeping height of the bed in the picture is 50 cm with the height of the mattress being 28 cm. The actual sleeping height depends on the mattress.
The slatted bed base is part of the set.
There are 2 support legs in the center of the bed.
The mattress is not included in the set.
The product must be assembled.

5 years warranty. If the air humidity in the living room falls below 40% during the winter/heating season, the guaranteed conditions for the bed do not apply. To prevent this, we recommend regularly checking the humidity on the premises and using a humidifier if necessary.

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