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by Val Wecerka



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Val Wecerka writes about her Mirror Drapery Series: “In their final form the works look like colorful reflective surfaces, which are made of wood and acrylic mirrors. My father had given me a fabric a long time ago, which I found again at home and took with me to Vienna. It is a special fabric - a Square Meter of Home. I am actually creating a whole series dedicated to it. The fabric is draped in various formations, photographed, digitized and finally brought back to the analog world in 3D technology. If I'm honest it's not apparent that it started with a piece of fabric by any means. But in abstraction you can always find new things.”

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Technique: Acrylic, mirror on wood
Size: 32 x 39 cm

Delivery time: 15 days.

“BessereHälfte”, 2022

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