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by Kaissu

Box of Drawers Tuul


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Box Drawers Tuul is the new planner of your life with its cute and spacious interior. Thanks to him, your home and life will be more organized and your work will become easier. The beauty of the exterior design is presented together with its functionality in it. Make more room for peace and relaxation in your home with a careful planner of your home. It is the number one practical assistant of your home with its two drawers, storage and storage spaces. Such storage spaces impress with their appearance and philosophy. These parts, which a house needs, will support your pace in your intense homework with the high energy of wood and will enable you to build a successful business life at home. Depending on the type of material you put in the ergonomics of its dimensions, it is the secret assistant of your work, the reliable keeper of the goods. Drawers tuul is made of birch wood of Russian origin. This tree is a very durable material that is resistant to cold and water.

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Width 45 cm, depth 45 cm, height 51 cm.
Made from 18mm birch plywood.
Finish: White water-borne furniture varnish.
The drawers move quietly on hidden sliders.
The product is delivered assembled.

8 to 10 weeks

Practical cabinet with two drawers.

5 years warranty. If the air humidity in the living room falls below 40% during the winter/heating season, the guaranteed conditions for the bed do not apply. To prevent this, we recommend regularly checking the humidity on the premises and using a humidifier if necessary.

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