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by Nobonobo

Bunny Guys


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Bunny Guys was designed by Sergey Murko. Nobonobo takes you on a journey into a world between reality and fantasy with Bunny Guys. With a fairy-tale, utopian object in the form of bunny ears, it creates a cute, crazy atmosphere in the rooms. Bunny Guys is the only memorable symbol of a fun conversation and unforgettable moments. A little mischievous look at life can be good for everyone. Take the chance that childlike happiness can change the general atmosphere of your home. The softness and fluffiness in color and texture are the details that give these special armchairs their soul. As you can see, Bunny Guys invite you to places of childlike daydreaming. Bunny Guys is a good example that emphasizes that there is no limit to decoration. Bunny Guys is also a friendly and functional piece of furniture. The bunny's wardrobe has fur in different colors and textures, it can be mixed and smooth, plain or cute. We can choose the mood that suits our environment. Bunny fits into any space, be it classic or paved industrial, residential and commercial, outdoor or restaurant. You can use several if you want in your decoration, but Bunny Guys will never be boring. Just don't forget to scratch your ears, stroke the fur, and take a selfie.

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Technical Dimensions:
Total height 1300
Depth 400
Seat Height 570
Seat Depth 460
Height of Feet 25

Delivered in min 60 days.

SoftLayersTM system – a composition of specially selected
flexible foams to ensure the best comfort
selected natural feathers of high elasticity class / possible replacement with antiallergic filling
Solid oak wood, black color

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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