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by Belize & Mar

Capri Kitchen Shelf


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Capri Kitchen shelf is suitable for the spirit of all kitchens with its simplicity and modesty. It allows you to see the aesthetics of Mediterranean breezes in the kitchen. Rich and fertile kitchens are places where a good product is made. Capri Kitchen is ideal for creating great flavors thanks to its shelf organization feature. The Capri Kitchen Shelf accompanies the centuries-old story of the kitchen. Capri masterfully blends the spirit of the kitchen with function. For those who pay attention to details while decorating their home, the Capri Kitchen Shelf is small but one of the most special parts of the kitchen. A wonderful collection for those who know that beauty is in the details. The relevant apparatus for hanging the products is sent next to the product. It is shaped by hand from wood and MDF material. It has a stone texture with textured paint applied to it. It is designed in white, you can contact us for special color requests.

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Capri Longa is specially designed and inspired by the Mediterranean organic form. You can use and decorate this shelf on your walls as an arch or use it in your kitchens for storage purposes. This arch shelf is shaped in hand from MDF material. Hardware for mounting comes with the product. Colored with textured dye to create a stone-feeling finish. Available in pure white.

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