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by Emko

Chaos Rug


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Chaos linen carpet is not a plain and stable covering element of an ordinary carpet. It offers a transitional excitement between the floor and the furniture, and curtain decor. The dynamism of the color elements and the dynamic harmony in the pattern allows the Chaos linen carpet to survive with its different variations. It can be difficult to understand at first what a rug adds to a home. The shallow view of the house without a rug gives you a sense of space. The real feature of the carpet is that this space is filled with beautiful and warm feelings. A rug is beautiful when it triggers emotions. Chaos Rug, consisting of the combination of carpet culture and modernism, appeals to people of all times and tastes. It is worth everything when soft, warm energy surrounds you in your home. Chaos linen carpet is a carpet inspired by this feeling. It is designed to leave you with wonderful memories and give you joy and happiness. The carpet, which is made from the leftover yarn from the rug industry, is made from an organic point of view. The weaver begins by making tassels for the base of the linen rug with monochromatic threads. Then he selects the remaining details and products appear in dissimilar shapes. Made of 100% linen with hypoallergenic properties. It is available in two dimensions, 2 x 2 m and 2.5 x 2.5 m, and in two different background colors, dark blue and caramel brown. The sophisticated construction process under its cozy look transforms the traditional look of the carpet into modern and stylish designs. It brings the light of wisdom and the joy of life into your homes.

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Available in two sizes (2x2 m and 2.5 x 2.5 m) and two different background colours (dark blue and caramel brown).

Production lead time (20) + 7 working days.

The very best parties usually leave us with a chaos and confetti on the floor. And like the great memories we get from such celebrations, the Chaos Linen Rug will bring joy and happiness into your daily life. Yet the item is made out of the rug industry’s leftover yarn. The base of this linen rug is hand-tufted with one-colour yarns, then the weaver selects the rest of the details from the leftovers. Every single rug is therefore uniquely coloured and made from 100% linen that has hypoallergenic features.

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