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by Kaissu

Children Desk Tuul


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We can say that it is a symbolic object that children will collect memories in their school life. Children's Desk Tuul, a workspace designed for children, is planned to provide them with very good experiences. The physical structure of the Desk adds limitlessness and functionality suitable for studying. Its soft, rounded lines are designed in great harmony with the tree. We can say that this desk is the main piece of a workspace that inspires children. Its delicacy and elegance are a great source of inspiration for those just starting in life. It is designed to make the work of hardworking children easier and to turn the most important moments of their lives into immortal memories. Instead of just an ordinary production, it will not be easily forgotten with its multi-dimensional, multi-purpose design.

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Dimensions 120×50 cm, height 58 cm / 74 cm.
Made from 18mm birch plywood.
Finish: White water-borne furniture varnish.
The dimensions of the box set, which can be ordered separately, are 45×45 cm, height 51 cm.
The product must be assembled.

8 to 10 weeks

A table that grows together with the child. The adjustable table top height makes it a fun play table for toddlers and a practical desk for schoolchildren.

5 years warranty. If the air humidity in the living room falls below 40% during the winter/heating season, the guaranteed conditions for the bed do not apply. To prevent this, we recommend regularly checking the humidity on the premises and using a humidifier if necessary.

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