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by Art by Maximo



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Maximo is an artist who is interested in chemical processes and their manifestations, prioritizing research and observation. So it's about being a part of the creation. In this painting, which consists of the duality of (Color and Nature), he obtains abstract styles to express the hidden inspirations of nature. You experience an exciting occurrence with abstract styles as if you are embarking on a colorful journey underwater. The fact that these abstract styles are natural and close to reality gives a pleasant feast to the eye while allowing the viewer to be influenced by an artistic sensibility. While the colors are reminiscent of Portuguese cuisine, they also take us to a jellyfish species. Depending on your visual experience, the picture continues to flow fluidly. What the artist wants to do, the audience's answers can take you somewhere else. The imaginative nature of art increases the creative sensitivity of the artist, thus the painting has an unlimited perception. The colors in the painting, consisting of sky blue, magenta, and red tones, lead us to the fluid expressions of a balanced inner world of the work. The contrasting color details of the picture increase the energy you get from the picture. You don't want this journey to end.

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Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 50 x 70 cm, Height: 1.6 cm.

7 Days

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