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by Arijel Strukelj

Digital Tension V3


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Nowadays, the classic genre of art is often considered outdated and overtaken by new media.

In the Digital Tensions series of works, Arijel combines old handicraft techniques with contemporary media and thus develops a very unusual design language,satisfies the natural human need for something haptic and allows a much more delicate work than is possible with the traditional process. In a 3D program, he makes draft drawings by hand. These drawings are printed out as 3-dimensional elements using modern printing technology, which he then assembles into a sculpture. The model is perfected in meticulous manual work before a negative mold is made of it. A traditional bronze casting process is then applied. The liquid metal is poured into the mold and finally, the sculpture is engraved, patinated, or polished by hand.

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Digital Tension V3, 2020
Bronze patinated

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