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by Ilgın Erdem



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Ilgın Erdem, who is affected by the reflections of the society she lives in, determines the main character as a woman in her works. Instead of looking for perfection in them, she tries to compose the feeling of lived experience. By reconciling the relationship of her works with each other and with time, she creates an atmosphere within itself. As in every artist; her works have a sense of color and timbre. By examining the overlapping of these color nuances, she aims to reflect the spiritual inner world of human beings. As for contrasting and striking colors, she uses variations of yellow, aiming to bring stasis and sadness to the foreground. The grey tones that the artist uses dominantly from time to time in her paintings are in order to reflect the pessimistic mood of the 21st century and the depression period of this era. The artist carries this approach to different disciplinary perspectives as well as her oil paintings.

Ilgın Erdem, "Dream", 2021, oil on canvas, 65x85 cm.

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Ilgın Erdem, “Dream”, 2021, oil on canvas, 65x85 cm.

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