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by Jonas Pehrsson

Face M


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Phersson's female faces bring us together with another face with an emotional expression. We can read the feelings of regret from the figure's gaze and accentuated mouth and eyes. By emphasizing the figures, the artist causes attention to their faces to be diverted to their interiority. The vivid flashes of colors and the contrasting hues ensure that the depth that the artist wants to convey is always seen on the surface. The contrast relationship between surface and depth emphasizes that every painting is nourished by contrasts and expresses emotions so well. The artist follows the facial markings of answers that can be found deep within. It shows the oscillating movement and reactions of emotion with an extroverted color expression. The artist realizes his purpose by showing it. With the painting's feature of being work, the viewer has to decide whether the eye will stay deep or on the surface.

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Size and Technique: Acrylic paint on 300 g paper, 30 x 40 cm.

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