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by Fogher

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Deimos, the owner of the Fogher brand, has a 25-year history. The transition from air conditioning to the cooking industry started with a sense of the bright future ahead of the industrial kitchen. As the instinct for change in place and time progressed rapidly, kitchens with a magnificent valley view started to sound good to both the ears and the eyes. The design of each element of the collection is based on correct modularity, giving complete freedom of layout configuration. From modules to special accessories, every item is designed and perfectly combined to create solutions that can meet the requirements of space, aesthetic pleasure, and functionality. With its free configurations, you can adjust it according to your desire and taste, and use it most efficiently. The idea of ​​uniting them all in the open kitchen area doubles the function of stand-alone tools such as BBQ and Grill. This cooking machine, which was created in its factory, moves in a progressive line with its 100% Italian signature. These cooking machines offer an eye-opening unit for people with a privileged taste in food. Fogher is motivated by the enthusiasts of these easy-to-clean, hygienic machines that can enhance your lifelong taste in food. The modular kitchen system includes a sink, fridge, induction cooktop, corner, fireplace, and smoker units. 

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