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by Fogher

FKC 013


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Fogher promises 100% freedom with these new machines. The concept of cooking, which started with a drawing of a circle, developed and became today. From now on, the more opportunities contemporary designs give the user, the more libertarian they approach, and the more your kitchen experiences will belong to you. Fogher has handled this freedom in design and uses it very well. You can make kitchen machines according to your wishes and use them most efficiently. You can cook wonderful, healthy menus by cooking according to the way the food is cooked, without encountering any obstacles from the outside. The oven and Griller completely depend on your taste and your dominance of food culture. It opens the horizon for you to improve in the field of food you just started. It gives you serious references on how the food is made. Fogher makes the barbecue market even clearer and more precise. The cooking industry plays cards face up. His professionalism and connection with deep food culture set Fogher apart. It is not surprising to see success spread across continents, as he is devoted to this work and believes in his designs. As you examine Fogher, you will see that the appearance and function of his designs emerge as a result of a solid infrastructure. The modular kitchen system includes a sink, fridge, induction cooktop, corner, fireplace, and smoker units.  

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