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by Fogher

FKC 017


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As well as being a culinary expert, Fogher knows how to make you feel happy and peaceful. It is aware that the best way to contribute to life is to process the kitchen. It manages to bring together all the utensils that a kitchen needs with a minimalist understanding of the perfect steel material. Fogher, which has opened up space for itself in kitchen technologies, is constantly improving itself and plays for the first place in the barbecue market. It likes to add meaning to life by bringing together an understanding that knows that the joyful moments of life pass through food with engineering. Top-quality raw materials, tradition, and modernity are combined with the technology and professionalism of Fògher cooking systems to create refined and creative dishes. Each of these experiences takes place in special locations that, along with the food, tell some of the story and culture of the wonderful region. It contributes to the restructuring of outdoor spaces, adding a natural taste to life with healthy food. Thanks to the field opened by Fogher for the kitchen, it has made revolutionary innovations. When an odorless and environmentally friendly culinary experience in the open air is combined with magnificent views, unforgettable images emerge. The modular kitchen system includes a sink, fridge, induction cooktop, corner, fireplace, and smoker units.

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