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by Fogher

FKC 003


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As an outdoor kitchen brand, Fogher knows how important order and function are in the kitchen. The fact that the material it uses is healthy and flawless, makes it even more perfect. Cooking tools that should be on a kitchen counter can also be applied outdoors with the signature of Fogher. The sink, cooking area, and grill are the most functional parts of Fogher's minimalist design. The shelves in this kitchen machine are one of the most necessary parts of the kitchen. Kitchen tools can be placed on these shelves and fast and effective results can be obtained. While transferring its experience in air conditioning and heating to the kitchen industry, Fogher draws a brand profile that is determined and strives to be the only one in this field. Fogher observes the subject of experience very well and reflects these observations in each product stand. The circle that Fogher emphasizes about its name tells you something very technical about food culture throughout history. In the continuation of this technical infrastructure, the satisfaction of your guests and the unforgettable moments of life remain unforgettable. The modular kitchen system consists of various units such as a sink, fridge, induction cooktop, corner, fireplace, and smoker units.

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