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by Fogher

FKC 018


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Moving from the concepts of outdoor kitchen and modular kitchen, a design that fascinates you with its flawless line and technology focused on producing work emerges. You get excellent results with a kitchen understanding focused only on cooking. Fogher started in the air conditioning industry 25 years ago. More creative results are obtained when the experience gained from this sector is combined with aesthetics and the food culture that people need. When the journey starting from the foothills of the Dolomites meets the Italian taste and elegance, a unique brand in cuisine emerges. Speaking of Italian taste, Italian culinary mastery is the most important factor that feeds the culinary spirit. When the Italian spirit and passion combine with engineering, you understand what constitutes life. Aesthetic and technical language to create a living space blends into your container in whatever proportion you prefer and creates a magnificent balance. The modular kitchen system includes a sink, fridge, induction cooktop, corner, fireplace, and smoker units. 

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