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by Hendrik Hackl

Geburt der Perle


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This unique object made of natural materials will be an exceptional and very special option for your living space. The 145 cm high statue is made of a quartz sphere (rock crystal, Brazil), olive wood (root, northern Spain about 800 years old), and slate.

This special sculpture combines a unique crystal ball, a cut rock crystal from Brazil, with the gnarled root of an olive tree over 400 years old. The fascinating structures of the crystal are accentuated by a hidden light source from within the rootstock. This is the independent expressiveness and aesthetics of the object, which can be perceived throughout the day. But in the evening, when it is dark, the light sculpture shines in a beautiful light - the illuminated rock crystal ball is firmly embedded in the supporting root of the ancient olive tree. A strong slate plate supports the sculpture and gives it stability and support.

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145 cm - quartz ball (rock crystal, Brazil), olive tree (root, northern Spain about 800 years old), slate base.

Production and delivery time EU: within 3 weeks.

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