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by Belize & Mar

Genova Niche


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Niche, which are the apple of the eye of classical church and home architecture, have never had such a modern and contemporary look. The most natural breeze of the Mediterranean gives you tips to rebuild your life while giving your home a sophisticated effect. When you take a break from thinking about the meaning of life, it completes the atmosphere in your home with a serene atmosphere. Put a pumpkin or a book you're reading in Genova Niche and experience its relaxing effect. While looking for escape points in the intensity of life, Genova Niche turns these escape points into a unique feast. You will feel that the warm and sincere connotations of the niche enter your home and surround you with its spiritual effect. It can be used for both functional and aesthetic purposes. It will be the most favorite part of your decor with its characteristic structure from ancient times. You can decorate it to your heart's content with its hand-shaped cavities and 4-section structure. This belt shelf is hand-shaped from MDF material. Colored with textured paint to create a stone-like surface. Available in pure white.

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Genova wall arch will become the favorite object of your wall decorations for its stunning characteristic from antique eras. Along with its hand-shaped cavities and 4 divisions you can decorate this shelf as you like. Colored with textured dye to create a stone-feeling finish. Available in pure white.

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