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When you look at the image of Ginga, it is as if you are watching the most healing plant in a forest. Its natural form and its extraordinary nature lead us to dream with Ginga. It is both a functional and aesthetic decor element with its ergonomic style in the office or at home. We can call Ginga user-friendly lighting. Whether you are working in the house where it is a guest or in the middle of a pleasant conversation, Ginga is always with you. With a variety of color options, you can decorate it with the items you want, wherever and whenever you want. Ginga is a product that is conscious of designing a life. It knows very well that an illumination means to illuminate the life and it has been designed accordingly. It's like an animal that sneaks into your house and wonders what you're doing. With its curious looks, it warms your room and leaves a lovely effect. The light that Ginga emits is both an energy source and its design is made with this energy in mind to cycle through an endless transformation.

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led 12,0 w
230v - cord dimmer

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