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The design of hip-hop coffee tables describes a game plot, as they are interlocking tables. You pass through dance and you are on your way to a house. The hidden and fairy-tale sides of life are brought home through the colorful world of Hiphop. As hip-hop dance is rebellious and non-standard against life, hip-hop tables are also affected by the same wind. It suggests being free and out of line against the rules of life. The equivalent of such entertainment in decoration and furniture is these entertaining tables. Besides its craftsmanship and material quality, it has a utopian side. As every design has a story, this design aims to beautify life and places. Hiphop, a creative product of the Formae brand, draws attention as an auxiliary piece that catches the rhythm of life. It is the provider of both movement and order. The contemporary lines of this table group, which every member of your family will use and spend time with, remind the feelings that are permanent in a world where constant change is experienced. These two pieces, which are compatible with each other, are in solidarity reminiscent of a dance figure. They do the eternal dance of life together.

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SIZE: SMALL TOP: 37 x30cm H 50 cm - GRAND TOP D 60 cm, H 40 cm

15 working days.

HIP-HOP: One, two or three? These small tables with soft shapes fit together thanks to elegant cuts on each level. They can also be used separately. Solid but lightweight, they fit perfectly into environments with a contemporary approach, reconceptualising industrial style.

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