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Ibiza Coffee Table


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When you go on a vacation if that vacation has a lasting effect on recreating you, your choice for vacation is right. If you do not want this effect to be limited to a holiday, you have to fill your living spaces with good energy. Ibiza Coffee Table will bring a healing effect to your rooms. When the lively, restless dynamism of the Mediterranean enters your home, there will be no room for despair. Decorated with niches, the Ibiza coffee table creates a natural effect thanks to its simple and poetic lines that describe you. Representing emotions such as friendship, benevolence, and hard work in its design, the Ibiza coffee table carries the spirit of Ibiza, the symbol of love and passion, in your home. Happiness will be permanent when you prefer permanent good feelings to always circulate in your home instead of temporary holiday expectations. The Ibiza coffee table has a distinctive, organic design and an impressive stone texture in today's modernized coffee tables. It feels like a part of the Cyclades with its deep niches from four angles. The coffee table is handcrafted with MDF materials and carved with four niches according to the angles. You can place your favorite objects in these niches. Colored with textured paint to create a stone-like surface. Available in pure white.

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Ibiza table is distinctive from today's modernized tables, has an organic design and an impressive stone feeling. It has carved niches in 4 aspects and feels like a part of the Cyclades Islands. This table is handcrafted with MDF materials and carved with four niches in for aspect. In these niches, you can place and display your favorite objects. Colored with textured dye to create a stone-feeling finish. Available in pure white.

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