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Ida Console


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A product that will make you feel the simple and fascinating nature of the Mediterranean theme. Ida console brings a breeze from the Mediterranean to your home with its stone texture and hand-shaped cavities. You can paint the console in whatever color your wall is and integrate it with your wall. You will take your guests to the Cyclades with this product which will become the focal point of your home. Ida Console announces the poetic symphony of Mount Ida to us. You have a feeling that you will begin to tell all the stories of Olympos. Just as these stories are lyrical and humane, Ida Console symbolizes sincerity and humanism in your home. Turning its location into a corner full of art and culture, Ida Console offers hundreds of alternatives that you can furnish according to your taste. Books, candle holders, and special accessories all come to life with the protection and presentation of this console. It is an important helper for you to make your life more meaningful and more beautiful. White carved niches spark your imagination and are perfectly complemented by objects you like. We should also point out that the purity and holiness of the color white have the potential to take you to different worlds. This console is handcrafted from wood and MDF materials, and 10 niches are carved with a depth of 23 cm. 

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IDA Console is here to bring your living spaces the Mediterranean form and simplicity. It is exclusively designed for those who want to feel the carved and indented walls of the mesmerizing greek islands. You can dye this console the same color as your wall and take your guests to the Cyclades Islands. Colored with textured dye to create a stone-feeling finish. Available in pure white. For special color requests please contact the seller.

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