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by Hendrik Hackl

In The Skies


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Wall relief is made of petrified wood (Java/Indonesia - 20 million years) - Posidonia slate (Holzmaden - 180 million years), aluminum and iron frame. This timeless modern designed wall relief unites several images. They come from the big bang billions of years ago: a siliceous tree slice with magical color markings on one side. Like an explosion that happened an incredibly long time ago...

The tree disk is embedded in the fossilized seafloor of the Jurassic period. Shells and ammonites are trapped in the 180 million-year-old oil shale. The clouds in the sky, made of aluminum, a material of our time, can no longer hide what happened back then...

Petrified wood from Java/Indonesia was once a tropical hard leaf plant (similar to Conifere or Gingko) from the Miocene. Volcanic ash or mud falls into the swamps creating an airtight environment. During the monsoon, silicified trees are ejected and reappear after 20 million years of the encasement.

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Wall relief - 82 x 82 cm - Petrified wood (Java/Indonesia - 20 million years) - Posidonia shale (Holzmaden - 180 million years), aluminum, iron frame.

Production and delivery time EU: within 3 weeks.

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