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by Belize & Mar

Isabel Sideboard


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This sideboard, designed based on organic form, will create an atmosphere of art in homes. Each of the layers reminiscent of travertine is shaped by hand and presented to the owners of sophisticated taste as a complete artisanal product. Isabel Dresuar brings all the magnificence of nature to your home with its elegant and simple lines. It is the right decision to make a design consisting of the essence of nature a welcome point in your home. Recapturing the travertines of the Aegean in every layer, Isabel Dresuar appeals to those who have taste and taste. It ensures that the presentations you will make to your friends are magnificent and unforgettable. Reshaping nature in the hands of masters, Isabel Dresuar shares meaningful and social communication, and these feelings grow as they share. If you want to live for many years in your life with a catchy design, Isabel Dresuar has already managed to become a classic. Isabel Dresuar, which synthesizes all the beautiful forms of nature, takes you on a journey through time. You experience a magnificent design from its material to its form. You can interpret pure whiteness with the concept and color you want. It is made of first-class MDF material and has a stone texture with the textured paint applied to it. 

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Deriving from the organic form, Isabel will become the art piece of your living spaces. This sideboard, recapturing the travertines of the Aegean in every layer, is at disposal of the sophisticated taste owners. Colored with textured dye to create a stone-feeling finish.

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