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Isla Kitchen Island


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Isla kitchen island will give your home a completely different atmosphere with its columned structure reminiscent of ancient times. You can combine it with your bar chairs in your kitchens to create snacking and chat areas, use it as a welcome dresser in the entrance halls, or sunbathe your flowers in front of your favorite window. Isla insists on bringing the life of ancient times to your homes. The effects of the romantic and spiritual atmosphere of ancient times recreate living spaces. As if telling a story, the past times are resurrected in all their glory. Made of premium MDF material. There are reinforced support units in the form of intermediate partitions. It has a stone texture with textured paint applied to it. 

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Isla Kitchen Island will bring the medieval age to your living spaces with its columned structure and exclusive design. You can combine it with your stools to create a bar atmosphere or you can simply place it in entryways as a sideboard of your choice. Colored with textured dye to create a stone-feeling finish. Available in pure white.

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