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by Miriam Smidt

Life on Mars


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If there is life on Mars, what is the form of life? A painting dedicated to space, which is the primary perception of the sense of infinity, carries the endless mystery of space. While this work of art questions life in the depths of space, what it wants to achieve is the emerging image and the new perception forms and life forms that it will change. This work is a form filled with a universe of thought that symbolizes the human sense of curiosity and search and offers alternative possibilities. With its distinctive structure, it contains a mystery that is different from the world but contrary to the world's being known. A new order that emerges at a time when the distance between utopias, dystopias, existence, and extinction shortens and the story hardens, and it is a work that respects the monistic, pure feelings that destroy the materialistic view of life. It will first make you aware of the rivers of wisdom through which life flows as it changes you.

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Life on Mars
Technique: Ink, pastel, oil pastel on canvas
Size: 120 x 80 cm

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