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by Belize & Mar

Madeline Antique Trio


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Madeline Antique Trio manages to be the language of a wall. It is no surprise that you start thinking of a theater play set in ancient times as the breezes of Mediterranean culture spread to your home. It invites you to infinity between time and space. The Madeline Antique trio loves to chat, as do intimate friends. You can join this conversation and add joy and happiness to your wall. Your wall can turn into a unique architectural piece that expresses your feelings and thoughts. With Madeline Antique, your favorite book, your favorite object continues to tell you and add color to your life with your fiction. The poetry of the past uses imagination to design modern lives. This magnificent trio recreates the home with its form and simplicity. They make life beautiful with great harmony from each part to the whole. The relevant apparatus for hanging the product is sent with the product. It is shaped by hand from wooden material. It has a stone texture with textured paint applied to it. 

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Madeline Trio is specially designed and inspired by the Mediterranean organic form. You can decorate these sets of shelves and create a unique antique-looking finished wall. This arch shelf is shaped in hand from wood. Hardware for mounting comes with the product. Colored with textured dye to create a stone-feeling finish. Available in pure white.

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