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by Kratki

Maja 8 Kw Ø 200 Black


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The fireplace with a timeless design is the ideal choice for those who are looking for a classic fireplace. Thanks to its very wide glass panel, you can observe the fire and flames to the maximum. 

The body, the front part, and the combustion chamber are completely made of cast iron, they are incredibly solid and have excellent craftsmanship. The fireplace offers maximum heat and energy utilization thanks to closely spaced radiators and an 8mm thick wall made of high-quality cast iron. Fuel particles are burned through deflectors that extend the exhaust path. It provides higher utilization efficiency by manual control of chimney draft with the built-in damper. The manual control of the combustion process is done by the ashtray regulator.

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W: 67.5 x D: 40.75 x H: 82.7 cm

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Rated power (kW): 8
Range of heating power (kW): 3.0 - 10.0
Material: steel, cast iron
Heating efficiency (%): 80
Fuel type: seasoned hardwood (moisture ≤20%).
Exhaust gas temperature (℃): 238
Maximum log length (cm): 33
Min. outlet grid active field (cm2): ≥700
Min inlet grid active field (cm2): ≥500
Type of glazing: lateral
Door opening system: to the left

Physical parameters
Weight (kg): 138
Diameter of the exhaust outlet (mm): 200
Width (cm): 67.5
Height (cm): 82.7
Depth (cm): 40.75

Compliance with ECODESIGN: yes
Compliance with BImSchV 2: yes

Energetic efficiency
Energy class: A
Energy efficiency index (EEI): 105.4
CO emissions (at 13% O 2 ) ≤ data in %: 0.1
Dust emission (mg/Nm3): 25

Estimated shipping within 30 days.
Delivery: courier - shipping on a pallet
Bank transfer: 73.02€

There is an ashtray for easy removal of burnt wood residues and ash. It has a large combustion chamber that can load a large amount of fuel without the need for frequent refills. The all-glass system (air curtain) produces less soot. It has an elegant and comfortable carrying handle.
Thanks to the adjustable feet, the fireplace insert can be leveled.

All products offered here are brand new, free from physical and legal defects, and were legally placed on the Polish market. The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on the proper operation of the stove from the date of purchase. Fireplace grates and gaskets are guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase of the stove. The warranty does not apply to heat-resistant ceramics. The use of the stove, the method of connection to the chimney, and the operating conditions must comply with the instructions for use.
A Customer being a Consumer, who has concluded the Sales Contract may rescind thereof within a period of 14 days without giving any reasons. The time limits run for the rescission of the Sales Contract shall commence at the time of acquiring the goods by the customer or a third party of their choice, other, however, then a carrier.

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