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by Belize & Mar

Marrakech Coffee Table


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The Marrakech coffee table opposes the plain Scandinavian use of hazer and the quantity work of hazer with its 100% handcraft. A brand new wind will come to your living spaces with this product, which tells stories from the African peninsula with its belly-shaped composition from the middle point. For a coffee table to be truly modern and aesthetic, it is important to have style. Marrakech Coffee Table creates its style with its exotic African-inspired concept. Bringing different cultures and arts together in one pot, the Marrakech coffee table salutes handcraft and art. The handicrafts of women who weave life in knots create the most eye-catching spots in your home. It is the kickstart of hot conversations. Most importantly, it appeals to both the eye and the mind. The ergonomics of its dimensions and the relaxing effect of its color bring the texture and color of Africa to your home. You can use this table for tea and coffee hours, hot conversations, and to get away from the stress of working during business hours. 

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Marrakech table, braided in hand, is against the machine-work and simple Scandinavian designs of rattan. This table will be telling you stories from the African peninsula with its centric composition. %100 handicrafts with first-class rattan materials.

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