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by Hendrik Hackl



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A fossilized nautilus combines with an ancient piece of pearwood to create an art object. The statue was created from nautilus (Madagascar, 120 million years), pearwood, sandstone base. A stone-headed worm. Nautiworm in motion. He looks at this world. A lot of information about the history and development of the world is combined in the nautilus head. He looks curious ... Maybe he wants to be with people now in 120 million years? Nautilus was a prehistoric octopus, a unique creature - a fossilized, aesthetic representation of the evolution of life. It awakens to a new, second life, reverently integrated into a work of art. Artistic inspiration and meticulous craftsmanship combined with millions of years of mysticism create an inspiring one-of-a-kind piece. Art meets evolution...

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Sculpture (H 85 cm, L 90 cm) - Nautilus (Madagascar, 120 million years), pearwood, sandstone base.

Production and delivery time EU: within 3 weeks.

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