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by Kaissu

Nightstand Vira


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Another proof that you feel Kaissu's quality in every piece. It is Kaissu's job to design furniture with a production philosophy and a soul. Nightstand Vira reflects this in the best way. The most extraordinary designs that make you valuable and sanctify life are inspired by the traces of the past. It is not easy to be included in the last link of man's march of civilization. These designs make contemporary, quality, progressive designs with this claim. The uniqueness and creative aspect of these products also make the workflow flawless. When you have these designs, you will be a part of this splendor.

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Width 35 x depth 35 x height 55 cm.
Made of 19 mm solid oak and
Finished with wood oil.

8 to 10 weeks

The wood grain and therefore pattern and color tone of natural wood furniture may vary, as well as the existence and number of different spots and stripes. They make the product unique and should not be considered defects.
The lower edge of the cabinet is finished with brushed matt gold metal decoration (thickness 1 mm)
Metallic decoration can scratch when coming in contact with sharp objects or abrasives are used.
The drawer moves on a quietly closing metal rail.
The product is delivered and assembled.

5 years warranty. If the air humidity in the living room falls below 40% during the winter/heating season, the guaranteed conditions for the bed do not apply. To prevent this, we recommend regularly checking the humidity on the premises and using a humidifier if necessary.

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