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by Ex.t

Noto 120 H25 Rov


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Noto is a collection that brings the bathroom to its golden age. Made by the talented and idealistic designers of Ex.t. It is a product that you will enjoy living with and that has signed bathroom architecture. It opens new areas in our lives with its functionality and user-friendliness. A wide selection of drawers and pastel tones show that you witness an interior design that goes far beyond a bathroom. It makes the hygiene and function different from the emotions and thoughts it fits into the design. Imagination that includes the mind is the starting point of creativity in NATO. These designs, in which everything proceeds in a measured and dignified manner, got rid of years of experience and aesthetics and met in these bathroom sets. Its color and texture, as well as the spiritual vibrations emitted by the light of the bathroom, give you a triple privilege. Noto washbasins are versatile and dynamic bathrooms with storage units for living spaces. It can be integrated or matched with the workbench. Available in two sizes. It has a single-component clean and suitable basic lines for different living spaces. Noto can be preferred as a 90 and 120-cm drawer.

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Material: Birch plywood veneered with
natural oak
Total dimensions: 120.5 x 51.5 cm

Delivery terms are not binding but depending upon manufacturing needs. Delivery delays do not entitle the clients to cancel nor refuse the order, or to ask for a refund.

It is sold together as a concept, including a tap and siphon.

Due to handcrafted manufacturing, our product may undergo modifications and changes. Therefore, it is impossible to guarantee color uniformity between stock productions and sample materials.
No goods can be returned without our prior authorisation. A delivery
note including the invoice ref. number must come along with the goods. Only returned goods delivered by our couriers and within 30 days from the authorisation date will be accepted. Fees for any returns have to be paid by the client. Returns will only be accepted if the goods are untouched and packaging is not damaged. Returned goods which do not comply with the above mentioned rules will be refused.

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