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by Hendrik Hackl

Objekt mit Herz


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The wall sculpture designed by Hendrik Hackl made of split ammonite (Cleoniceras, Madagascar, 120 million years old), MDF, and brushed aluminum is a fascinating work. The two halves of the fossilized ammonite were one unit for an unimaginably long time and survived for millions of years, trapped in the sediment. The silicified fossil was found split down the middle, processed, and carefully polished. This reveals the fascinating interior of the prehistoric squid in color. In Objekt mit Herz, both parts of the ammonite are placed in a custom frame of lacquered MDF, symbolically reuniting them.

The ammonite, a prehistoric octopus, was a unique creature - a fossilized, aesthetic representation of the evolution of life. It awakens to a new, second life, reverently integrated into a work of art.

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Wall sculpture - 45 x 45 cm - split ammonite (Cleoniceras, Madagascar, 120 million years old), MDF, brushed aluminum.

Production and delivery time EU: within 3 weeks.

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