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Sharalanda Column


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Sharalanda columns are artisanal pieces. Each of the layers resembling travertine was shaped by hand and added to the columns. It is an exquisite example of the organic form. The Sharalanda column contains a long story from the earliest examples of architecture to the present. Art and history are hidden in the smallest part of the design. Sharalanda has a rounded form that evokes movement and dynamism. Influenced by Indian philosophies, this special milk/column guarantees the luxurious and exclusive look of your home. It emerged from a philosophy of wisdom that emphasized friendship and spirituality. It contains the most beautiful details of nature. Sharalanda, one of the thousands of variations in the great creative nature, is part of a creative act. Sharalanda fills the space in any corner of your home with love and virtue. Over the centuries, the song milk/oriental column comes to life in Sharalanda. In addition to being a decoration product, it makes itself feel like an architectural and main element. If the source of life consists of water, air, earth, and fire, then Sharalanda is a source of life that symbolizes them all. It carries the talisman of eternal life. It is made of first-class MDF material and has a stone texture with the textured paint applied to it.

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Sharalanda Column Large: 70(H)x32(W)x36(D)cm
Sharalanda Column Medium: 70(H)x18(W)x16(D)cm

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Sharalanda pedestals are artisan pieces with their unique structure recapturing the travertines of the Aegean. This pedestal is handcrafted with MDF materials. Colored with textured dye to create a stone-feeling finish.

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