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by Nobonobo

Sofa Lanube L


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Sofa Lanube designed by Ewa Półtorak. Inspired by the beauty of nature that surrounds us, the change of seasons, days, and moods, the Lanube collection is a new vision of a modular sofa. It was designed to create a space to relax, spend time together, share moments, and live. Simple and gentle forms as well as wide modules invite you to create endless compositions and immerse yourself in extraordinary comfort. Lanube sits in the middle of a life and fills the hall perfectly. Lanube is the basic decor of the hall. It recreates the general appearance of a house with the aesthetic quality of its material and concept. A stylish look and a prestigious decor concept meet in Lanube. It is the best example of the talisman created by Nobonobo at home. Combining its fabric and sitting pleasure, the door will open to you for extraordinary experiences and a happy life. Refined to the touch with delicate details that integrate perfectly with forms, Lanube creates additional functionality, thanks to which the sofa can be integrated into almost any interior.

Choose your fabric according to the spirit of your home:

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Central Seat
-1200x800 x2
Corner Seat

Delivered in min 60 days.

flexible stripes
SoftLayers™ system – a composition of specially selected flexible foams to ensure the best comfort backrest pillows selected natural feathers of high elasticity class/possible replacement with antiallergic filling
Oak wood, black color

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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