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by Nobonobo

Sofa Most L


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Sofa Most L Seat are distinguished mainly by their unprecedented style. Delicate quilts and loose backrest cushion filling give the effect of a soft, extremely comfortable sofa adapted to the needs of the present market. Most sofas are supported by metal legs shaped like a bridge, hence the name of this model. Most won the prestigious Design dla Konesera award in 2019.

What makes a design to the next level? Its texture, functionality, and form, all these together are the main points behind a magnificent image. Most and other products from the collection achieve the entire architecture by constructing this combination in the best way possible. Most choices are the product of modern and useful philosophy. The influence of Bauhaus spread all over the world, its contributions highlighting craftsmanship, and finding meaning with the clothes on it. Most are this talismanic meaning itself. Most share his designs with love, passion, and most of all, the creative nature of the work. Of course, it is not a new practice to turn the natural into furniture used at home, but this time it stands before us with more stuff on it. Having these creative products in your life will add joy to your life and you will witness the feeling of the highest emotions.

Choose your fabric according to the spirit of your home:

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Total high 920 mm
Seat height 380 mm
Backrest height 600 mm
Armrest height 600 mm
Armrest width 180 mm
Cushion height 600 mm
Seat depth 670 mm
Legs height 150 mm

Seat 1: 1680x1050 mm
Seat 2: 2080x1050 mm
Seat 3: 2480x1050 mm

Chaise Longue: 1750x1130 mm
Price includes 5 pillows.

Delivered in min 60 days.

Flexible stripes
SoftLayersTM system – a composition of specially selected flexible foams to ensure the best comfort selected natural feathers of high elasticity class/possible replacement with anti-alergic filling

selected natural feathers of high elasticity class/
possible replacement with anti-alergic filling

Back cushions
- Wide pillow - on the whole length of the backrest (across the entire width of the seat) STANDARD
- Narrow pillow - 8 cm narrower on each side (gaps between cushions)
-Pillows included in price.

The guarantee period amounts to 24 months.

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