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by CPS Steampunk

The Golden Baron


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Let yourself be carried away to another time, to a time of the Industrial Revolution.

The influence of the steam engine is slowly but steadily diminishing.

The combustion engine began its triumphal march years ago.

Automobiles are increasingly dominating the cityscape, horse-drawn carriages and carriages are becoming increasingly fewer.

Aviation has also evolved, from the Wright brothers

and their inventions to this day - it's the year 1917 - a lot has happened.

The world is burning. The madness of the 1 world war is kindled.

The military is researching and inventing more and more insane machines.

In military aviation, one aviator has distinguished himself for some time name - Manfred von Richthofen - also known as -the Red Baron-.

He was revered and celebrated until he too in 1918 in his famous red Fokker 3 decker died.

The year 1917, however, was extremely successful for him and so his opponents assumed that it was probably his aircraft that made this success possible.

This resulted in the English, American scientists, and inventors comings together to copy and improve his aircraft.

The result was this huge aircraft, it didn't have 3 but 5 wings, a 12 cylinder radial engine, with a triple propeller, a 3 axis chassis, was 16 meters long, and could transport 12 passengers. In addition, the scientists replaced the empennage with a fish fin.

This and the fact that the engine produced so much power enabled this aircraft to reach a flight speed of over 350 km/h.

It was possible for this aircraft despite its incredible size to perform flight maneuvers and was accordingly superior to all fighter pilots.

But it never got beyond this prototype status, since the mad war ended in 1918.

Serial production would have been too expensive, and now this example is the only one in the world.

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The dimensions :
Length 44cm
Width 32cm
Height 34 cm

220-volt bulb Dimmable

The materials
The model: brass/copper
The foot: sandstone

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