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by Krassimir Kolev

The Secrets of the Woods 9


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Krassimir Kolev tells the story of “The Secrets of the Woods” series of paintings with these words: “This Project is a series of paintings I am working on right now. It all began several years ago when I did a four years project of painting the Gardens of the Melk Abbey in Austria. The result was an exhibition with over 130 paintings showing my interpretations of the four seasons in those beautiful Gardens. There I have got a very intensive relationship with landscape painting in general and trees in particular. This all resulted in me a strong desire to intensively study the life of the trees and the desire to express my emotions and my perception of them. For almost two years now I have tried to find a way to express this, but it always felt wrong. Until now… In the early spring, I started to visit the forest again, just to walk there and be there… to breathe it and feel it. I thought I will make a photography project of the trees, so I took my cameras with me and started to photograph everything there. But the more I was there, I felt I should paint this. Photography is an Artform of the moment, you can freeze a second of time, but painting is the Artform of the process… It takes a time to dive and to feel. So, now I am almost daily going to the forest nearby my city alongside the river and I am trying to feel it, to hear it, to smell it, to breathe it… It is like the woods are talking in riddles to me, the trees are whispering a secret. Secrets, I can feel, but can’t understand. I hear them and they are stroking my ears and my heart and I feel saved and loved there. I don’t try to understand the woods. My perception is emotional and not intellectual. I feel like I am in love and the trees are singing for me. I am surrounded by the beauty of pure nature. That’s what I am expressing in those paintings. It is not a depiction of the forest, but an expression of a love story.”

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Secrets of the woods # 9, 80 x 100 cm, oil on canvas.

Delivery time approx. 15 days within the EU

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