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by Gabriele Melzer

Wenn der Sommer geht und der Herbst kommt...


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When the song of spring starts to play, summer affects our dialogue with the future and the past that awaits us, with joy and love. Eros, the god of love, has begun to attract everyone who has gone out into nature. While the passions of life and art are symbolized by the lyre blown by Eros, we feel that spring turns negative emotions into positive with the awakening of nature, and lyrical fun begins with the coming of summer. It is a creative phase in which summer temperatures rise, a divine light enchants everywhere, and every life form in nature experiences life by increasing its degree. The impression of this painting, as summer brings joy and happiness, delivers the audience to the sadness of spring with the passing of summer. We feel that the most beautiful teaching of consciously navigating the river of life with a philosophy that balances the extreme enthusiasm of bipolar feelings is expressed in this painting. The color explosions that the artist made especially reflect the formations of the painting that concern the balance of nature. The image of an abstract expressionist school on the painting surface of the artist's willing painting experiments, who want to go deeper with an improvisational style. It indicates an endless movement that makes all the cries of abstract art heard and focuses on the sublime to art lovers who watch the painting at home. It presents a new image of the sadness that takes its place with the end of summer, the joy of art dedicated to the double madness of love, and the fact that love will be the subject of art forever.

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Mixed media: acrylic/pigments/pastel chalk, finish varnish a mixed media for diversity, layers of color for depth and warm gold for intensity.

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