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This is a unique offer to get great indoor or outdoor furniture at a HOT PRICE. You will not find this unique offer anywhere except our website.

So, you just need to choose at least two items that we offer in the Highlights of the Month sets. Our designers have already created beautiful interiors and compositions for you so that you can see how beautifully these furniture fit together.

Just look at the pictures, get inspired, dream, choose and we will be happy to deliver the items you have chosen as soon as possible!

Our designers and sales specialists are waiting for your questions and ready to answer them!

Exquisite Indoor Sets

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We thought of YOU when creating the Highlights of the Month

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Save Time and Effort - Bid farewell to time-consuming searches as our exclusive Highlights of the Month showcases the crème de la crème, conveniently delivered to your screen, saving you precious time and effort.

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Yes, you can! With our exquisite "Imagine" Service.

Welcome to the exclusive and one-of-a-kind service offered by All-in-Line! We are dedicated to bringing your interior design dreams to life.

Our FREE-of-charge interior design service allows you to transform your personal vision into a tailored interior solution.

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Your desires take center stage with us.

Utilize our top-notch VIP service to create your own individual interior design. Our renowned interior designers will assist you in selecting furniture that perfectly matches your style, budget, and space.

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Who is All In Line?

Grab yourself a coffee or your favorite drink and let us take you to the very beginning. We are a newly established online shopping site that offers one-of-a-kind products and visionary ideas for home designs.

However, we would like to emphasize that the German engineering company Formica, which has 40 years of experience, is behind this new formation.

In order for you, our visitors, to have a brand new online shopping experience, we went beyond the usual rules and combined our crazy ideas with all the possibilities of the new generation and cutting-edge technology. Now do we have your attention? Do not misunderstand when we say “crazy ideas” we don’t mean impossible to implement or dreams that will never become a reality. We’ve constructed extraordinary thoughts and plans for a long time.

Why should you choose All In Line?


Unusual design for and from all styles

Instead of mass-produced products that you can find in any decoration store, we offer products that are unusual, stylish, signed by industrial designers, and appeal to different tastes. There is a very special design and production story behind each of our products.


Imagine Service

We'll transform the picture you send us into your dream home or space with the actual furniture and products we offer on our website, so you can better imagine it. And all this, of course, before you decide to buy.


Affordable Luxury

Our goal is to offer the highest and highest quality to our customers with attractive price options. Your home is your greatest investment, make it last! Home decorating is an investment in yourself.


High quality EU Products

The products offered for sale on our site are usually designed and manufactured in European countries. Small series up to Individual production: We take care that the production quality of the products we offer for sale on our website is at the highest level. If desired, we can produce a limited number of completely personalized. We do not sell mass-produced products.

We take our mission seriously!

Our mission at All-in-Line is to provide you with a wide selection of unique and high-quality furniture combinations.

Our talented interior designers have carefully curated arrangements that are ready to enhance the ambiance of your home.

For those seeking an even more personalized touch, we offer our Imagine Service. Our interior designers work closely with you to develop customized room concepts tailored to your preferences and needs. We ensure that we find suitable solutions to fit any specified budget.

Great Customer Support

Free chat support for your questions. Chat with our VIP service and receive expert advice for furniture purchases

Bespoke Interior Design

Exquisite personalized interior design services tailored to elevate your space's uniqueness and aesthetics.

High-Quality Products

We take care that the production quality of the products we offer for sale on our website is at the highest level.