Has it ever occurred to you that you could rest your soul by swinging?

Has it ever occurred to you that you could rest your soul by swinging?

Boutique Hotel Babylonstoren in RPA.Boutique Hotel Babylonstoren in RPA.

Isn't one of the best memories of our childhood rocking? Remember the breeze of the wind touching your face and hair as you rise into the sky, and the happy butterflies flying in your bellies when your feet no longer touch the ground. 

Text and Interview Ummuhan Kazanc

Office in Dallas USA.Office in Dallas USA. 

There is a brand new swing model that brings out your inner child, makes your kids just as happy, and soothes you and your soul as you swing. It's impossible not to admire these swing designs. The swing called "Swing" designed by Iwona Kosicka really creates a reform of the swing shape. Its round shape will suit any place where its simple, minimalist, but powerful lines are used, while it will be an important element of your decoration. Swings that can be installed in your living room, bedroom, garden, balcony, or terrace will give the area a quality design, aesthetics, and style. It is an ideal choice to relax during breaks, not only at home but also in your office, take place.

With swings that don't take up too much space because they hang from the ceiling, you can create your own resting place whether you're indoors or outdoors. A range of colors including gold, silver, copper, oak, natural wood, and a swing that appeals to different tastes and architectural styles is a contemporary sculpture accessory option for those who love to be different and live out of the ordinary.

Iwona Kosicka, Swing’s Designer.Iwona Kosicka, Swing’s Designer. 

Swing's designer, Iwona Kosicka, answered our questions about this particular design.

Dear Ms. Iwona Kosicka, how did you come up with the idea to design a swing? How did your impressive swing design come about?

Swings were created to add a touch of life to interiors and to break out of the concept of ordinary rocking chairs. In my project work, I was looking for a form that would serve my clients for many years. I went for timeless minimalism. A seat hanging from the ceiling looks fascinating and ensures that no one will pass by without taking a look. Swings are especially suitable for lovers of geometric lines and for people who appreciate spare shapes and good quality.

How many color and model variants are there? 

It can be said that there are no limits in terms of shades and finishes. The basic colors are natural oak, light bleached, white and black. We paint with customized colors from the RAL and NCS palette. We also offer an exclusive version coated with impact metal in gold, silver, and copper. Impact metal is a thin piece of metal that is applied by hand. It is a traditional gold plating technique, so these products are very exclusive.

Photography Pauline van der Gulik; Atelier Oost Amsterdam, The Netherlands.Photography Pauline van der Gulik; Atelier Oost Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Swing can easily fit into different environments. What do you think?

Surely! Swings have a perfectly circular shape, so they fit all kinds of styles and interiors. It gives me great pleasure to see new applications where are used. They round out projects beautifully without dominating the space. The lightness of the form is in harmonious balance with the existing environment. In the Helsinki City Museum, everyone can see how many positive emotions "swing" can evoke; whole crowds of people have swung from the swings hanging from the ceiling. My swings can also be found in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Paris, the boutique hotel Babylonstoren in RPA, numerous buildings, showrooms, and restaurants around the world, the University of Tokyo, and the Alegro shopping mall in Portugal, among others.

Photography Pauline van der Gulik; Atelier Oost Amsterdam, The Netherlands.Photography Pauline van der Gulik; Atelier Oost Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

Swing is really perfect in terms of design. But the production is also impeccable and excellent. What is the production secret behind the swing?

In production, we use the best materials, and the ideal circular shape requires great precision, which can be achieved only by masters of woodworking. I am honored to work with such craftsmen. I see a balanced development in making and buying things that are both durable and useful, and that meet individual needs. I care about the fate of the natural environment that surrounds us, and that is why all swings are made to order. For the production of our furniture, we use almost all the materials that we receive. This way of thinking has its roots in my childhood when my father managed a carpentry workshop. He always emphasized that success depended on two fundamental ideas: an uncompromising commitment to the best craftsmanship and unique designs. This is the spiritual legacy that has shaped my artistic DNA.


Can you briefly introduce yourself to the readers of Living Something Different Blog?

I am a designer and graduated from the Academy of Arts in Wrocław. The basis of my work is the value of traditional craftsmanship and respect for good materials and their origin. I create objects with simple lines and functional design. In my design and carpentry workshop, I create oak tables, furniture, and fascinating lamps like "Birds", which are shaped like sitting birds. We offer a variety of Scandinavian-style items that are functional and always made from natural materials. Personally, I love nature, good books, and healthy cooking. I take photographs and paint and in my free time, I ride my bike and hike in the mountains. I always try to stick to the philosophy of gratitude and balance. I strive to preserve happiness.

Swing Models.Swing Models.

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