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Modern Vintage

Here are the products we selected from the All-in-Line collection for you. Bean modular sofa combines simple design with functionality. Naïve side table is designed to become the sweetest and warmest part of your space. Naïve Ottoman which is placed in front of the radiator is soft, comfortable, and welcoming.

Futuristic Breeze

There are very special designs in our “Contemporary Comfort” living room, which we designed for you who would prefer a contemporary and comfortable room. Close your eyes and be ready to take flight with the Naïve Sofa, which takes seating ergonomics and comfort to the next level.

Contemporary Comfort

You can add a modern look to your mother's existing house with tiny touches, and you can create a unique effect by supporting the atmosphere with vintage products. Here are the products we selected from the All-in-Line collection for you.

Dream Garden

If you want to drive your family crazy with happiness, you can gift garden furniture and accessories that are truly astonishing. The Isle Lounge is truly iconic and unusual for a sofa, and spacious enough to seat several people in versatile comfort.


There is a table with an extraordinary design in the concept of "Study Room". Emko's product called "My Writing Desk" is really special. It has clutter-free table design, where objects can always be seen. With the storage areas surrounding the desk, empty spaces can be used for working. You also end the work with the worry that something will fall. Objects not required for work can be pushed aside. The high edges of the table can isolate the table from everything. Thus, you can create a microclimate climate zone on the table and maintain a healthier working atmosphere.

Game Room

There is ultra-comfortable L armchair and pouf named “Package” by MMinterier at the center of the Game Room. Formae Collection's double "Hiphop" coffee tables create a stylish service area for the living corner. Kaissu's "Ehe TV table", which draws attention with its minimalist lines, is positioned directly opposite so that they can lie on the sofa and watch TV comfortably. The "Zenobio" hanger of Formae Collection, which attracts attention with its elegant design, has found the right space for itself in the corner of the room.

Art Room

Some are art lovers, collectors like to turn their homes into an art gallery. Just like themselves, they gather their art-loving friends around a long table for intellectual conversations. Tokio's "Carbon Claro" table makes a great set for these insatiable conversations. The red and black walnut top of the table is combined with carbon fiber legs in different colors. The top of the table and its legs offer a perfect harmony. This highly durable yet elegant desk would be the perfect choice for executive offices or dining rooms, if desired.

Reading Room

What could be more enjoyable than diving into the world of books in such a serene and peaceful “Reading Room”? Of course, the most functional product of this place is the Tokio brand Mori library. Just as a forest grows randomly but uniquely natural, Mori shelves grow randomly and uniquely in many ways for your books, lights, sculptures and memories. And like the forest, "Mori" can adapt to its natural environment. This shelf can be placed in different shapes, angles and with a harmonious organic flow in different environments.