Stylish, Elegant and Comfortable Living Spaces with Nobonobo

Stylish, Elegant and Comfortable Living Spaces with Nobonobo

Nobonobo's expert and passionate team works on every detail, ensuring that the furniture is flawless. At Nobonobo, all products are handcrafted by experienced Polish craftsmen who focus on creating the highest quality furniture.

Article by Ummuhan Kazanc

Nobonobo is a Polish brand based in Łodygowice that has focused on the production of high-quality upholstered furniture, mainly sofas, since its establishment. Monika Struska and Tomasz Matejczyk met years ago as specialists in automotive quality systems and later founded Nobonobo.

Thanks to the company's many years of experience and craftsmanship, quality has been the basis of everything they have done since the company's inception. They use the best available materials for production, as well as adhering to the rules of quality production. The upholstered furniture they offer is made in their factory in Łodygowice, which makes it possible to control even the smallest details and pay attention to every production stage. Their passion for what they do allows them to stay ahead of trends and lead the Polish and foreign markets, and the constant expansion of the company's group of designers results in the creation of a new dimension. They create global designs that are regularly recognised in numerous competitions.

Original designs of the best sort – being understood holistically - addressing each aspect of the products and services, have become Nobonobo’s key pillar.

Armchair Pyora I by Nobonobo.Armchair Pyora I by Nobonobo.

Designers Pushing the Limits of the Mind

Original designs of the best sort – being understood holistically - addressing each aspect of the products and services, have become Nobonobo’s key pillar. Nobonobo cooperates with a group of the best designers from all around the world, which expands on a regular basis with new, exceptional names. Nelson de Araújo, Tomek Rygalik, Mleko Living, Dimitry Kozinenko, Chris Stanfel, Ezio Pescatori, Ewa Półtorak, Juanny Barcelò Borges, Sergey Murko, Stas Litvinov are some of these important names.

In Line with Nature

Nobonobo brand, probably the only one in the world, uses technical fabrics made specifically for the company's purpose from processed PET bottles. In 2021, they recycled more than 1,000,000 PET bottles when producing their sofas.

Stylish, Elegant And Comfortable Living Spaces With Nobonobo

Natural Feathers

Nobonobo uses specially selected natural fluff in its sofas, which is characterised by exceptional elasticity and softness. With such a solution, they achieve the highest comfort that even the most demanding users will appreciate.


Italian Fabrics

Nobonobo presents an original collection of natural fabrics made from high-quality fibres such as linen, cotton and viscose. This is a collection exclusively dedicated to the Nobonobo brand from Italy, dominated by the earthy colors loved by all.

Bunny Guys by Nobonobo.Bunny Guys by Nobonobo.

Bunny Guys

Bunny Guys was designed by Sergey Murko. Nobonobo takes you on a journey to a world between reality and fantasy with Bunny Guys. It creates a cute, crazy atmosphere in the rooms with a fairytale, utopian object in the shape of a rabbit ear. Bunny Guys is the only memorable symbol of a fun conversation and unforgettable moments. A slightly mischievous look at life can be good for everyone. Take the chance that childlike happiness can change the overall atmosphere of your home. Softness and fluffiness in colour and texture are the details that give these special armchairs their soul. Bunny Guys is a beautiful example that emphasises that there are no limits in decoration.

Flesia Coffee Tables by Nobonobo.Flesia Coffee Tables by Nobonobo.

Flesia Coffee Tables

The Flesia coffee tables have been designed by Spanish designer Chris Stanfel in cooperation with the EASD School of Design in Valencia. The design reflects an exotic appearance, which is based on rafflesia – a characteristic plant from the islands of Indonesia. Its five legs upholstered with bright colours bring the large flakes of its flower to one's mind. This collection of organic shapes undoubtedly breaks the schemes, and cannot be just ignored. Flesia also features a table that brings sincerity and happiness with the emotions it evokes. The leg surfaces covered with fabric details create a feeling of watching a wonderful movie with a soft and warm character. For Flesia, a break from the seriousness and responsibilities of life can be taken for pleasant conversations. 

Sofa Maxxo by Nobonobo.

Sofa Maxxo by Nobonobo.

Sofa Maxxo

Maxxo sofa designed by Juanny Barcelò Borges. Sofa Maxxo plays flawlessly in large areas. The rules of this game are determined by Sofa Maxxo. With the way it fills the space and the position it displays, Sofa Maxxo is certain to be the brightest and most sophisticated piece of decoration. It recreates the energy of the space with the elegant elements of art and design. With its fabric and majestic stance, Sofa Maxxo likes to push the limits. Sofa Maxxo perfectly achieves the harmony of fabric and form. A fascinating effect will be passed on to your guests in special invitations. The effects of the night will continue for many years as a star shines in the sky. It influences the space with its strong volume and is the leader of its concept with its geometry lines. The fabric design and sewing were made specifically for this armchair. It provides an instant feeling of comfort.

Sofa Paradise by Nobonobo.Sofa Paradise by Nobonobo.

Sofa Paradise

Paradise is a modern sofa that combines luxury and elegance. Those who appreciate comfort will like it. Its deep seat combined with its soft, feather backrest pillows, guarantees the best relaxation and leisure. The sofa is supported on solid oak wood legs, synonymous with strength and durability. Such a solution gives the sofa its lightness and delicate form. Paradise is a timeless model, perfect both for classical and modern rooms. We are faced with a design that you will not easily forget. All the extraordinary features of this magnificent and sparkling collection piece that can adorn palaces are emphasised by the designer with thick lines. These pieces, in which the designers reflect not only their function but also their artistic stance, impress with the dazzling brilliance of their colours.

Armchair Uni by Nobonobo.Armchair Uni by Nobonobo.

Armchair Uni

Armchair Uni, designed by Stas Litvinov. Armchair Uni exaggerates its seat feature. It offers you a soft, fluffy, visual appearance reminiscent of your favourite furry toy. While creating his concept, he creates a design at the end. All components of the chair show an extreme feature. Having a fluffy fabric brings you a soft and warm life experience. Each piece shows unique features in itself. It contains originality that cannot be compared with any other design. It is a stand-alone piece that matches your home decor. It makes you feel safe with its anti-allergic feature. Get ready to host a charismatic guest at home with grey and black colour options.


Armchair Pyora II by Nobonobo.Armchair Pyora II by Nobonobo.

Armchair Pyora II

Pyora II goes beyond ordinary seats and reverses the logic of seats. Like a mussel shell, Pyora II creates the design of your dreams, first with comfort and then with a functional design. Thanks to the flexible and anti-allergic filling of the back cushion, you provide a clean and safe sitting. Its ergonomic structure is ideal for sitting for long hours and thinking calmly. Working, resting, and reading books are Pyora's favourite hobbies. Thanks to its easy-to-clean feature, its practical and finishing effect lasts for a long time. A sophisticated, extraordinary design that will colour your life will add a lot to your life

Pouf Modo by Nobonobo.

Pouf Modo by Nobonobo.

Pouf Modo

The Pouf Modo is both comfortable and practical. This design, which immediately wins the hearts of modern design enthusiasts, blends in with every piece in your home. The nature of the pouffe, which reflects the free and comfortable spirit, could not be explained better than this. Quality in fabric details, mastery in craftsmanship, and pastel colour choices make Modo the most fashionable and eye-catching piece of the house. It realises a proposition of the kind called "it is indescribable, it can be experienced".


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