They do not simply design lighting, they create art

They do not simply design lighting, they create art

Oleant brings a completely different perspective to lighting products. That's why their philosophy is as unique as their lighting products.

Article by Ummuhan Kazanc

The design story of Oleant lighting products, which we enjoy having on All-in-Line's website, the production quality and the fact that the dimensions of the products can be changed according to the wishes of the customers make this brand even more unique. They describe the great care they show to all details during the design and production phase of the products with the following sentences: “We do not simply design lighting. We create art.” By masterfully blending together the fields of astronomy and engineering, they create lighting to perfectly illuminate any room. Planetary elements such as the sun, stars, and eclipses are embedded into unique, state-of-the-art designs. Every piece is classically sculpted by hand around each individual customer’s desires. The result is stunning luminaires which embody the celestial spirit of their customer’s imagination.

Peter Danczkay, Oleant’s chief designer, CEO and lighting expert, draws inspiration from the most magnificent light fixture in the universe: the sun. While earning his degree in astronomy, Peter was captivated by the beauty of the natural, homogenous, multidirectional light of the Sun. The creative and inspired use of light is perfected by detailed designs stemming from Peter’s background in engineering. The fabrication of each handcrafted luminaire is directly supervised, and meticulously cared for by Peter from conception through installation. In addition to the standard light fixtures created by Oleant, Peter relishes in any opportunity to design custom lighting for both residential and commercial customers.

The quality of Oleant luminaires exceeds all expectations. Every Oleant luminaire is hand designed and inspected by their master craftsman, Peter Danczkay. Standard luminaires are manufactured with aluminum or brass frames which evenly dissipate heat preserving the longevity of the light. Custom luminaires can be crafted with other materials, such as steel, per customer request. They hand-select and procure the highest quality LED’s available for perfect, multi-directional light posing no strain on vision.

 They Do Not Simply Design Lighting, They Create ArtBlass Genesis by Oleant.

Blass Collection

Redefine your home or office with elegance and luxury by adding the Blass to your collection. Be warned that this cannot be mistaken for typical lighting. Blass is a status symbol. The soul of this gorgeous lamp is brass tastefully integrated with glass. The result is a remarkable silhouette exuding warm, ambient light to anyone who beholds her beauty.

 They Do Not Simply Design Lighting, They Create ArtBlass Nova by Oleant.

Blass Nova

The sky is always in motion. This movement produces fruitful and beautiful results. In Blass Nova, it discovers this beauty in the depths of the sky. The magnificent vibrations emitted by its brilliance turn into the goodness and gift that awaits you in life. We can say that Blass Nova is the best gift given to your place. It shapes life in the hands that know how to use it. It creates wonderful forms. It recreates a whole house. Novas are exploding stars bright enough to be seen with the naked eye from Earth. This rare and magnificent view of nature occurs only a few times each century. With Blass Nova, the latest version of the Oleant series, you have the opportunity to have the embodiment of this magnificent event.

They Do Not Simply Design Lighting, They Create ArtBlass Revolution by Oleant.

Blass Revolution

We can call the Blass Revolution the pinnacle of the Blass family. More energy maximizes more vibration. Inspired by the sun, the Blass Revolution is preparing for a revolution. This revolution, which started inside the home, will have the effect of recreating the home. It allows beautiful energies to fill your home like the sun. We can liken Blass Revolution to a fighting hero fighting negativity. A lighting product comes to your home to make these big claims come true. It carries the good energies of the sky to your homes, and the light your soul needs you. Like the rest of the Blass product line, the Blass Revolution is surrounded by elegant glass-encased brass that radiates a bright, warm glow.

They Do Not Simply Design Lighting, They Create ArtBlass Pinnacle by Oleant.

Blass Pinnacle

The Blass Pinnacle is one of the most extraordinary and captivating pieces of the Blass collection. Blass Pinnacle, which fascinates a space with its aesthetic elegance and lively forms, reflects the inspiration it takes from nature to its productions at the highest level. It uses nature's artistic and scientific light to recreate entire homes. That's why it looks so poetic and so fairy tale. Blass Pinnacle takes the interior design of the whole house and makes sure that every single piece is in harmony with each other. It continues to carry the torch of wisdom in the best way possible. It has all the equipment to adjust the light of a space. Its aesthetic beauty accompanies its functionality.

They Do Not Simply Design Lighting, They Create ArtBlass Genesis by Oleant.

Blass Genesis

Blass lives up to the claim of the name very well. Emphasizing continuous formation, Blass Genesis is a shining part of the Oleant brand. As a work of art and a functional object, it fascinates the space in which it is located. The fact that a floor lamp is a warm, friendly and impressive light source, when combined with naturalness, produces magnificent results. The formula for Blass Genesis, inspired by nature and life, is clear. It designs day and night separately, in a unique way, and shows ways to expand and narrow the points of happiness and pleasure.

They Do Not Simply Design Lighting, They Create ArtBlass Evolution by Oleant.

Blass Evolution

It's hard to call Blass Evolution just lighting. Beyond lighting, Blass is a real source of energy and a work of art that listens to the vibrations of nature. Blass spreads positive energy to every environment it is in. It is an architect of the environment, and its magnificent influences and formal aesthetics are awe-inspiring. It takes place in your room with extraordinary charisma and all the conversations around it make one feel sophisticated. If everything has a meaning, the meaning of Blass is to strike an ideal balance between art and life. If you want to recreate your home with elegance and style, you will get excellent results with Blass Evolution.

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