All-in-Line Makes Mother’s Day Unforgettable…

All-in-Line Makes Mother's Day Unforgettable…

Is it enough just to remember our mothers on a special day and to offer them our love with a small gift? How would you like to make our mothers, who dedicate their lives to their families and children, embrace them and endure all difficulties, with an unforgettable surprise for many years to come?

Article by Ümmühan Kazanç

Our mothers, who always offer their labor and love without any expectation from us, will be very happy if we present them with a small bouquet on Mother's Day. Haven't their financial expectations from us always been modest? But as All-in-Line, we're raising the bar this year, and we're offering extraordinary suggestions that will get your moms off their feet. Based on the idea that mothers are women first and foremost, we are here with four different interior decoration options that will appeal to their passion for interior design and decoration, which is one of their most sensitive points and will make this special day unforgettable. If you wish, you can show your love for your beloved mother by gifting all or some of the products offered in these room designs to your beloved mother, not just for one day, but forever. Three different rooms and a garden design option, which we prepared for Mother's Day, were meticulously designed by our expert team for mothers with different tastes and passions.


 Modern Vintage, ©All-in-Line, Product Selection by Melisa Çelik, Graphic Design by Oleg Khlupalo.

Modern Vintage 

You can add a modern look to your mother's existing house with tiny touches, and you can create a unique effect by supporting the atmosphere with vintage products. Here are the products we selected from the All-in-Line collection for you. Bean modular sofa combines simple design with functionality. With its rounded corners, you can create magnificent halls of two, three, or more seats, depending on your preference. Bean creates a warm and loving environment for your mother with its soft lines. You can complete the armchair with a matching stool and achieve great results.

Naïve side table is designed to become the sweetest and warmest part of your space. It has three dimensions, each carved from a single piece of solid ash. Square and round shapes create a soft and pleasant appearance. Its functional size to fit any space is crafted to the highest standard. The tables are easy to assemble by simply screwing on the legs. It will be your mother’s friend in her tea and coffee breaks and provide unlimited continuation of her sitting pleasure. 

Naïve Ottoman which is placed in front of the radiator is available in eight different colors, including black and oiled ash. Soft, comfortable, and welcoming, this ottoman offers the results of an eye-catching, rich accumulation that suits any environment. The installation is simple. The classic and traditional atmosphere of Ottoman-style meets a modern design approach in this furniture set. It is tastefully decorated and brings happiness to any environment.

Located next to Naïve Ottoman, Lucerna creates an atmosphere that will bring the clean and cool air of the outside into your mother’s home. It has an eye-catching appeal as a piece whose elegance will show itself everywhere. Its form is far beyond what is expected from a lamp. Its lighting feature first starts with its physical beauty and is completed with the burning of the lamp.

Piccolo Ceiling Lamp is reminiscent of a small and sweet love story with all its cuteness. The happiness of a man waiting for his lover under the rain is also hidden in the design. It's like a sweet memory left at the end of a fun movie. Piccolo has the potential to turn all sweet encounters into eternal memories. This sweet touch in its concept is the product of a perfect image.

With Piccolo Table Lamp's energy, your mothers are filled with more positive energies in their homes. You can design the corner you want with a variety of colors and fill your room with the energy of the color you want. It is important not to see the design as just decoration work, but to add a natural air to it and to work it intelligently. Piccolo awakens different tastes in the hands of those who do it very well.

The best parties confront us with the chaos and joy of confetti. Chaos linen rug is a rug inspired by this feeling. It is meant to bring you wonderful memories, joy, and happiness. The carpet, which is made from leftover yarn from the carpet industry, is made according to ecological principles. The sophisticated construction process under its cozy look transforms the traditional look of the carpet into modern and stylish designs. It brings the light of wisdom and joy of life into your mother’s home.

We complete the decoration of the room with Birgit Günther's painting called “Shooting Star”. The night sky is blue and dark, but upon closer inspection, there are many shades of blue. Darkness is an illusion. You dive into the night and suddenly you see stars, comets, airplanes, and often shooting stars. A fleeting snapshot shows this scene, in slow motion. One can linger before the moment ends. The yellow figure is in motion, it will quickly disappear from the picture in the imagination. Time is fluid.

All-in-line Makes Mother’s Day Unforgettable…Futuristic Breeze, ©All-in-Line, Product Selection by Melisa Çelik, Graphic Design by Yuliya Yermolovich.

Futuristic Breeze

If your mother likes to be outside the traditional mold, we have some very bold suggestions for her. For mothers who always stay young, our Futuristic Room is here. MMInterier red chaise-longue designed by René Šulc. The concept of this sofa is based on the purpose of creating different seating options in a single product. With this product, it is possible to sit on an armchair or almost lie down, while the legs are stretched higher than the pelvis, so they can rest and relax. At the same time, this composition contradicts the traditional symmetrical arrangement of the sofa. Chaise-longue is a single piece of furniture with certain relaxation properties.

Designed by René Šulc, Swing received the "Furniture of the Year" award at AČN 2009 and the Grand Prix Mobitex in Brno 2009. This rocking chair is an ideal product for relaxation. Its simple and elegant design provides intimate comfort. Perfect for your mother.

Shaggy bears the signature of the designer Boris Klimek. Shaggy stools are inspired by the haystack. This product is a piece that combines formal simplicity and playfulness, functionality, and a clear ideology, trying to transfer nature and the typical rural landscape into our homes.

Galop Glass Coffee Table is inspired by Dali's crazy designs. Like the objects painted by Dali, they are playful, asymmetrical and the product of a striking image. When we think of this table, frequented by daily rituals, with the inspiration of the imagination, it brings to mind crazy, extraordinary experiences. It heralds the limitlessness of an extraordinary experience beyond what is expected from coffee.

Birgit Günther's painting “Fata Morgana” especially highlights the futuristic design of the room. Reality gives us illusions. Although nature is bigger and more beautiful, we only see the quotes. If you look beyond the limit, you can discover many other things. You suddenly see a variety of colors, structures, shapes, three-dimensionality, depths, and heights - even figures that weren't there before are possible. But everything remains uncertain, disappears, and reappears. This picture tells it and asks you to always stay open and curious and get involved in new things – change your perspective and broaden your horizons.

All-in-line Makes Mother’s Day Unforgettable…Contemporary Comfort, ©All-in-Line, Product Selection by Melisa Çelik, Graphic Design by Yesim Sanri.

Contemporary Comfort

There are very special designs in our “Contemporary Comfort” living room, which we designed for mothers who would prefer a contemporary and comfortable room. Close your eyes and be ready to take flight with the Naïve Sofa, which takes seating ergonomics and comfort to the next level. You will find that it offers much more than you think. This delightful piece of furniture is designed to seat up to three people. You can catch the vibrations that will revitalize your soul with its positive effect in this piece. A unique design for relaxation and creating relaxing environments along with its impeccable elegance.

Two Naïve Low Chairs, located right across the Naïve Sofa, are quite striking designs. Beyond being just a chair, it has both physical and spiritual effects. If you are looking for a loyal friend to accompany your mother after a long, tiring day, Naive Low Cahir is just for her. It invites you to have a cup of tea, or coffee, read a relaxing book, or have a little adventure while watching a movie. A friend who appreciates your time and quality of seating, Naïve Low Chair revitalizes and changes your seating. Ehe TV table by Kaissu, which looks brave, determined, and quite charismatic, of course, deserves more than that. Coming from a long journey from its design to its material, Ehe TV table brings together the minimalist atmosphere of the East with modern aesthetics. Being a permanent part of your home, Ehe never gets old in your eyes with its beautiful energies and always accompanies you in a lively and cheerful atmosphere.

Swing Model N3. Indoor has the feature of being an eye-catching piece for interiors. If you think that having a swing in your home is childish, just know that it means more seating and more fun for you. The vibrations emitted by the oscillating motion of the circle will make you feel happy. Designed for pleasant spaces, the product has an eye-catching feature as it is made of oak wood.

Bauhaus Celling is one of the indispensable products of the Lumini. It is both a solution proposal for the functioning of life and to make life beautiful. It is designed to make life easier with its lightness and practicality of use. When you enter the place, it has an eye-catching, sincere, cute appearance as well as showing you everything and directing it. It is one of his seemingly small secrets that will make the environment warm and spark sweet conversations. 

The painting named "New Beginnings" by Christina von Dwingelo-Lütten strengthens the general atmosphere of the Contemporary Comfort living space. This piece can be a brand new beginning for your mother as well. We always need new beginnings, and these new beginnings dispel the gloom within us, and we begin to experience a joyful and smiling life. Self-confidence is also the starting place, new beginnings. By reading the codes of art in the right direction to spice up a pleasant time, even more, it will be easier for us to reach the sense of freedom and peace that our souls need.

All-in-line Makes Mother’s Day Unforgettable…Dream Garden, ©All-in-Line, Product Selection by Melisa Çelik, Graphic Design by Fabi Halilaj.

Dream Garden

If you want to drive your mother crazy with happiness, you can gift garden furniture and accessories that are truly astonishing. The Isle Lounge is truly iconic and unusual for a sofa, and spacious enough to seat several people in versatile comfort. Inspired by planets and space, the round sofa is aimed at architectural firms and private clients, with a special focus on designer furniture with a strong conceptual background. It can be easily used indoors and outdoors. 

Circus Fire Pit promises unparalleled fun wherever you are. Always enjoy Circus and all the fun it has to offer, with your mother’s friends and family. Making use of the space in her garden, Circus combines comfort with its warm fire and comfortable armchairs; It is also resistant to outdoor conditions.

Swing Model N1. Outdoor which has a simple round shape in the form of a ring can be used outdoors. With its leaf-shaped seat, it brings naturalness and movement into your mother’s life at the same time. Painted in natural oak, this model stands out with its black and white color scheme. Bohemian is a unique product where you can use a romantic rhythm in a way that appeals to both the eye and the ear. With an unusual round shape for the terrace, balcony, and garden, you bring dynamism to life. Polish designer Iwona Kosica created Swing, which instead of simply being seating units designed for your pleasant moments, offers an extraordinary seating experience. With this ring model seating unit, which combines an innovative perspective with the beauties of nature, your mother will always stay in nature. Surely, she will experience a real relaxation privilege in these circular swings, where she will breathe a mystical and romantic atmosphere.

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