Decoration tips from Hakan Kütahya

Decoration tips from Hakan Kütahya

Hakan Kütahya is one of the most important interior designers in Turkey. You could even say that what he says and does is becoming a trend. He shared with us important tips about home design.

Interview by Ummuhan Kazanc

Decoration Tips From Hakan KütahyaHakan Kütahya, Interior Designer.


Dear Hakan Kütahya, you have 712,000 followers on Instagram and you share great home decorating videos on your YouTube channel. When it comes to home design and home decoration, you are one of the trend-setting interior designers, especially in Turkey. With the pandemic, we have once again understood the importance of the elegance and comfort of our homes. This process has changed your perspective on home design and decoration, hasn't it?

First of all, thank you very much. The pandemic has affected us all around the world. However, I still feel happy. Instead of staying in Istanbul, as soon as the pandemic started, I moved to my house in Bodrum and spent this process there. But since many people had to spend this time at home, as you said, the design and comfort of the houses were one of the first problems to be dealt with. We made up for the missing something in our homes. Therefore, people added something to their homes both aesthetically and comfortably. Empty walls were filled. Coffee corners were moved into living areas, balconies were redesigned. People's needs in their 4 walls were completed and I think this dynamic will continue.

Decoration Tips From Hakan KütahyaNaïve Low Chair, Naïve Side Table by Emko.

What should we do to create a living room or living space that offers a luxurious look, and has character and style? Is it possible to create this effect with inexpensive products?

Budget is one of the most important issues today. Products suitable for any budget are easier to find on the market than before. But I think it's more important to create stylish spaces than a luxury. I advise my followers to go for products that are fun to use rather than products that are fashionable and not to rush to buy the main products. I have often witnessed that the dining tables bought to have mainly a table at home, have been replaced after a short time. At this point I recommend everyone to live at home and buy the main furniture afterward. This applies to all items. Therefore, with the right combinations of materials and colors, you can create a stylish space on any budget.

 Decoration Tips From Hakan KütahyaSss! by MMinterier.


What should be the indispensable components of a stylish, elegant, innovative, and aesthetic living room? So what should be the star products?

The needs and star pieces of each room vary depending on the area. While in some living rooms a fireplace stands out, others have a sofa as the star product. It all depends on the perception of space and size, but I can give you a hint on the details. I've been using wall molding as a detail lately. It has a wide scale in terms of color and model. You can match them with your sofa and curtain colors and use them on the walls. Maybe behind a TV or on a blank wall.

Decoration Tips From Hakan KütahyaTri Light by Tokio.

When decorating the living room, do you have to stick to a certain style of decoration or is it possible to play professionally with different styles?

You can properly combine several styles and use them, of course. But this is a very complicated matter, it can also create a mess. Combinations should be chosen very carefully. For example, micro-concrete you can use in a country house, but placing very modern objects in this combination cauldron can become a bit messy. It is very important to pay attention to this delicate line.

Decoration Tips From Hakan KütahyaChristina von Dwingelo-Lütten,
“Underwater-Dream”, acrylic on canvas, 80x100 cm.


In recent years, we see that works of art are being given more and more space in homes. What can you say about that?

Art has always been very valuable, but we see that it also changes and evolves. I think the emergence of different styles is also effective in this regard. We can also now come across works of art in digital environments. We can visit galleries and exhibitions in digital environments and communicate more easily with the owners. I think that not only makes it easier to access art but also makes it easier for the works to move into the home.

In conclusion, what would you recommend to those who want to make radical changes in the decoration of their home?

The most important thing is not to rush, as I mentioned earlier. At the point where the decision is made in haste, there may be regrets. Maybe not for all the details, but the most important details, this is very crucial. For example, if you are making the floors out of micro-concrete, you need to make a very careful decision about the color. You need to create a floor that matches your furniture, walls, and curtains.


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