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by Emko

Naïve Low Chair


Naïve Low Chair is one of the most striking pieces of the EMKO family, with its sincere and colorful features beyond appearance. When we say the tale of the seven dwarfs and Snow White, it has a field of influence that will make us dream new. As a truly modern, it carries a philosophy that advises constant change and the continuation of daily pursuits. Beyond being just a chair, it has both physical and spiritual effects. If you are looking for a loyal friend to greet you when you come home after a long, tiring day, the Naive low chair is for you. It invites you to have a cup of tea, or coffee, read a relaxing book, or have a little adventure while watching a movie. A friend who knows the value of your time and seating quality, Naïve Low Chair revitalizes and changes your seating. The positive atmosphere of the designs will excite you and share in comfort. Its main visual feature is the large leather strap that holds the backrest attached to the trunk. Thanks to this leather component, the solidity and mature look of the chair are combined with dynamism. It follows the most rational way when connecting wood, leather, and fabric. We have to say that this detail is the main element that helps to give the chair its general air. Like other parts in the Naïve family, it has a body that can be easily disassembled and packed flat. Made of long-lasting natural materials, this product is suitable for every floor in an organic structure. It is one of the most special pieces of the Naïve family.

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Nevotex Ritz Trend (velour)(83% cotton, 9% modal, 8% polyester)
Kvadrat Remix 2 (90% worsted wool, 10% nylon)
Camira Yoredale (95% wool, 3% polyester, 2% nylon)
Delius Gavi (100% Polyester Trevira CS)
Nevotex natural leather
Ad Hulst natural leather
Skandilock Sheepskin (100% sheep wool and leather)

Production lead time (20) + 7 working days.

Being the youngest member of the Naïve family, the Naïve Low Chair introduces itself with a bright, yet mature and subtle look. Its main visual characteristic is a large leather strap that holds the backrest attached to the body. A firm connection between wood, leather and textile serves its function and makes it visually distinctive. After a long day, Naïve Low invites you for a cup of tea or coffee, to have a relaxing read or a small adventure while watching a movie. It’s a companion that values your time and sitting quality, so Naïve Low is a chair to live with. Like other pieces in this family, it features a body that can easily be unscrewed and flat-packed. It is composed of long-lasting natural materials and organically suits every background.

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