Feel Different - We Support You All-in-Line

Feel Different - We Support You All-in-Line

Feel Different - We Support You All-in-line

Founded and developed by the professional team of Formica which is German engineering company, the All-in-Line Brand (www.all-in-line.com) offers extraordinary home décor solutions to the end consumer using all the possibilities of superior technology. We are here to create enchanting home interiors. German engineers from industry now also active with an international team in the interior design and art market. We call our team United Nations of All-in-Line. We have team members from Germany, Turkey, America, India, Bangladesh, Russia and Ukraine. All of us work online.

Our website offers a new philosophy of life rather than addressing the product needs of our customers. We aim to change and improve the online shopping experience. With our international team, we offer solutions that offer the comfort and atmosphere of strolling through a shopping mall for a true shopping experience.

We are here, to help you design your dream home. We are designing your future and shaping your dreams. Everything your home deserves on our website. In a secure website environment, in a warm and social environment, you can make a real connection with our experts and communicate all your requests. We are not anonymous or ghosts, we are the connection to your future and we are just a click away. Always available for online and offline support. You can call us, send an e-mail or send us a message and rest assured our professional team will there to take you step by step. We present solutions that you dreamed of.

Every home deserves to be amazing. Your home is your special and we want you to feel even more special when you live there. As an All-in-Line we want to you “Feel Different” and “we support you” in every stage of redefining your home style. Be bold, dare to be different! Our customizable and luxurious products are all simply one click away. Feel different and confident knowing that our unique service will deliver, not only, the top European quality in designs but a one of a kind support to make you feel at your dream home. We develop your taste with most important home styling of the World. Feel different with European taste.


With our completely free interior design service, we are always with you to create spaces where you will feel distinguished, luxurious and happy. Just click www.all-in-line.com’s “Imagine” button. We design your dream home. We provide extraordinary solutions for your home. If you send us a photo of your space/s, we place the furniture, accesories, Works of art, wall papers of your choice for you. In other words: we transform the picture given to us using the actual furniture and products that we offer on our website so that you may visualize your future dream home or space. And this is all before you decide to buy it, of course. We provide guidance and direction to your dream project. 

Your comfort is our priority and our graphic designers are there to help for free.

Communicate all your ideas and have your requests answered by our selected

interior design experts within a secure website environment.

Feel Different - We Support You All-in-line


All-in-Line combines many features in its interior design products. In our online store, you can see unusual designer furniture and accessories that we look for and find for you all over Europe. Our products are not mass production or ordinary designs that you can find in every store. Each product has a comprehensive design and production story behind it. Our goal is to offer our customers high and highest quality with attractive price options.

Our art exhibition department offers a unique art experience. In order to find the artwork, you are looking for, instead of visiting dozens of galleries and art fairs, you can closely examine the paintings, sculptures and objects of Europe’s important artists on our website 365 days a year, get detailed information about the artist and buy works that will offer the magical touch of art to your living space.

Affordable Luxury

Nowadays, mostly minimalist, clear and organized house designs are preferred. If you want to achieve a simple, stylish, sophisticated, aesthetic and luxurious look, you can create miracles with a few specially designed sofas and chairs, a chandelier and lampshade bearing the designer's signature, a real work of art, instead of dozens of items stacked on top of each other. We say “Less is More” and we support the philosophy of affordable luxury. Our goal is to offer the highest and highest quality to our customers with attractive price options. Your home is your greatest investment, make it last! Home decorating is an investment in yourself.

Feel Different - We Support You All-in-lineSwing model N3. Gold Indoor - by Swing Design


Considering the different lifestyles of our customers, we offer solutions tailored to their individual needs.

High quality in the production - small series up to Individual production We take care that the production quality of the products we offer for sale on our website is at the highest level. If desired, we can produce a limited number or completely personalized. We do not sell mass-produced products.

Feel Different - We Support You All-in-lineTri Light-by Tokio

Organic production and products

We make delicate choices about organic production and products so that our customers can live a healthy life with household goods as well as comfort in their living spaces.

Feel Different - We Support You All-in-line,

Bathtub Magna-by Creer

Mainly EU products

The products offered for sale on our site are usually designed and manufactured in European countries.

Feel Different - We Support You All-in-lineDesign- by Emko

Unusual design for and from all styles

Instead of mass-produced products that you can find in any decoration store, we offer products that are unusual, stylish, signed by industrial designers and appeal to different tastes. There is a very special design and production story behind each of our products. The quality of our products, which bear the signatures of very important industrial designers, is also at the highest level. Our designs are unique, contemporary, and inspirational. Taste the delightful and elegant designs. So, you can create custom homes with timeless elegance. We consider perfection in every detail. Design is where art and science meet to improve the quality of life.

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