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by Creer

Bathtub Magna


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A design that will take your bathroom experience to the extreme. Magna is the first freestanding bathtub made of concrete in the Czech Republic. With its rustic feel, it makes every shower a different experience. The surface design is resistant to chemicals in essential oils and bath salts used in bathrooms. In its function, it offers an organic dimension that favors the natural. Light Concrete has a design effect that combines naturalness and experience. A design where you can feel the sense of lightness and the free harmony with the pieces in the bathroom.

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Dimensions: 1740x845x550 mm

Bathtub production time is 8 weeks. For the Shipping time, 3 to 5 days.

Material: Lightweight concrete with improved heat storage properties.

The shipping is insured. When the product is delivered, the customer must look if the product is okay, if not he has to say it to the courier. Once the courier contacts us about it, we will send a new product to the customer as soon as possible.

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